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My strange experiences Empty My strange experiences

on Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:41 am
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I have had a couple of strange experiences myself. At my house, there are specific items on the shelf that hasn't been moved for quite a while. Most times, I walk past it, and something falls off the shelf. Of course, I go to pick it up and put it back on the shelf. That same case happened in several other rooms, even when everyone is away from the room, items fall off the shelves. There are also cases where I think I see something at the corner of my eye, a shadow or something going by. Of course, I turn and there isn't anything there even though I saw a shadow and the house is quiet and still when everybody else is in bed. Alongside that, many times I think I hear somebody calling my name and there is nobody home. I turn and looking around and I don't see anyone. It is a strange feeling.

Alongside the experiences I have had at my house, when I was in high school, we went on a small field trip to some businesses. The funeral home was one of them. They gathered us in a small room to talk about the history of the business. On the way out the door, I see some stairs going upward. I seem to have been drawn to the stairs as if someone wanted to me to go up there because every time I tend to look that way, I catch myself looking at the stairs. This isn't much of a paranormal experience but I think it is similar to one since I feel like a presence was drawing me to a specific location. Of course, we eventually went up to the stairs and noticed that there are a couple of rooms up there. It is where they keep the caskets.

These are just a couple of experiences that I have had in the past. Rose
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My strange experiences Empty Re: My strange experiences

on Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:38 am
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This is not really a quick reply because it will take a while. Sweetheart, that is some scary stuff. If you hear someone call your name again, say "What do you want?" I remember that time it was storming and you said you saw a big dark shadow go by your window.
OK. So there is a laundry room on the other side of the wall at the end of the garage. But the door is on the patio. On one side in the room there are storage closets with doors at each end of the room. One big closet. Open space and shelves. For those who don't know, I inherited this house a year ago. I had looked in the closet many times storing stuff and getting stuff because that is where my dad kept his lawn tools. I had hung my cat's heart-shaped registration tag from the mirror of my old car. I had her for 17 years.    My dad used to have hunting dogs. One time I was getting something out of the closet, and I saw an old leather dog collar with the registration tag on it that my dad had kept.
It was hanging right on the wall of the closet, but I had never seen it. It was so chilling, it seemed like he (his spirit) had put it there to say "See? Like father, like son."
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