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Ways to Destress Empty Ways to Destress

on Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:25 pm
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There are several ways to destress! Here are some simple and fun ways to allow yourself to become less stressed!

Go for a walk in nature! Consider walking around your neighborhood or through a park or any part of nature. It is known to help boost your energy level and to help you relax.

You may not believe it, and it may sound crazy but waking up at an earlier time can definitely help you to destress. By doing this, you can use that spare time to meditate or do breathing exercises or go for a walk or just take time for yourself before you jump into the day or go to work. This especially helps you have long busy days with almost no time for yourself.

Visualization, as mentioned above, is also known to help. It certainly helps you to keep your mind off the real world for a little bit.

Laughing is another big one. Watch a comedy if you have to, and laugh it up. Laughing has been proven to help lower stress levels.

Stay away from social media and mainly the internet can help relieve stress, however, getting online and doing something that you like doing online, can also help to reduce as well. Overall, I would be careful where you go online. For example, going on Facebook and listening to a bunch of drama is not the best way to destress.

Another way is to write down what you feel each day. Writing it down is like talking it out with your family members, friends, or a psychiatrist. It can allow you to get all your feelings out there somehow while making you feel better. 

Some other ways to destress include exercising, listen to some music, get a snack, chew some gum (doing this can relieve anxiety and reduce stress), eat something that has potassium in it (like a banana), craft/DIY, read a book, hang out with your friends, and pet your cat or dog.

All of these things can help reduce anxiety and stress!

I hope this helps by giving you ideas on how to destress and make your life less stressful!
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