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Paranormal: Syllabus Empty Paranormal: Syllabus

on Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:10 pm
Welcome to Paranormal!

In this class, students will learn about life and death, what happens after death occurs. We will also be discussing spirits, their forms, and their energy. We will also be covering various of different supernatural creatures and other paranormal topics. 

Course Learning Outcomes: Students who have successfully completed this course will be able to:
- Obtain an understanding of life versus death. 
- Be able to discuss and explain the physical body and what happens to it after death.
-  Discuss spirits or ghosts
- Recognize paranormal and spirit tools/instruments.

Grading Scale:
A: 90 - 100
B: 80 - 89
C: 70 - 79
D: 60 - 69
F: 50 - Below

Successful completion of this course requires a grade of 62% or better.  If a student receives a grade lower than the required grade, they will fail the course. A student who decides to retake a course that they failed can message the instructor and the instructor will reset the student's roster so the student can try the course again for a better grade.  In addition, students who pass the course but are unhappy with their grade can message the instructor to retake the course for a better grade as well.

Class standards:


Every student is expected to attend the Witch's Academy once every month, at the least. If you don't log in and attend the classes for 3-4 months, your student file will be taken out of the class for the time at hand. If you decide to come back, you can private message us and we can put you back in the roster for you to continue your lessons.

Retakes/Extra credit:
In the future, retakes and extra credit might be available but it depends on the situation at hand and on the final decision made by the instructor during that time. Therefore, this is a possibility. 

The homework in the class will be completed accordingly. You won't get any busy work from the instructors. Usually, the homework will just be you answering some questions, writing some sentences, or explaining how you felt after your meditation exercises. The assignments will not ask for more than a paragraph unless that is what it takes for you to complete the task in its entirety. Some might be optional and others might go towards your grade. 

Likely subject to edits by the instructors
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