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Haunted Griffith Park Empty Haunted Griffith Park

on Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:45 pm
There is a haunted Griffith Park bench in Los Angeles California where a couple died due to a tree falling on both of them. There is a history behind this bench such as it once was called Rancho Los Feliz. This land was owned by Felienz and his 17-year-old and blinded daughter. In 1863, Felienz passed away due to smallpox.

Don Coronel had been given the Rancho Feliz while Felienz's sister and niece were given nothing after Felienz's passing. His niece put a curse on Griffith Park as she was extremely mad at not been giving the park in the first place. Soon after she cursed the park, she killed herself and the curse has been stuck on the park ever since. Eventually, Colonel was murdered, and the rest of his family had died from various diseases. After a while, and after the family have died or moved on, the land was passed down to a guy named Leon Baldwin who also developed a series of bad luck events. He was later nick-named Leon "bad luck" Baldwin. The bad luck events include his cattle all dying and grasshoppers eating away all their crops.

The next person to own the land is Tomas Bell. However, he didn't own it long enough to experience any bad luck form the curse, he sold it to Coronel Griffith J Coronal and while he owned, walkers claimed to have seen Don Feliz's ghost. The ghost stayed there and continued to haunt the park.

There is a lot more scary history to this story but, the last act of deaths or hauntings was reported in the year 1976 where two lovers Rand and Nancy were sitting on the park's bench in Griffith park, having a great and romantic afternoon where the tree fell over and killed both of them. As far as it has been known, the tree has not been moved from the bench as it still continues to lay on top of the bench.

There are also ghost and spirits from other places in California that also haunt this park, such as the actress that fell from the H in the Hollywood sign. She didn't actually "fall", she committed suicide there and her spirit is still haunting places around the state. Her name was Peg Entwisle.

A ranger was told to cut down the tree but every time that he would attempt to do so, he would get weird feelings up and down his arms and have whispered in his ear telling him to leave and then the tree would begin to shake. When he tried to leave, his engine failed to start. Eventually, he was able to getaway.

As I could go and on about this specific park and the bench itself, here is a link if you are interested on reading more about this park, it's history, and other hauntings that have occurred in that area.

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