Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
★We wish you all the best in upcoming year.

Welcome to Coven's Corner! In the shops we have provided, you can use your earned forum points to buy icons for your profile, like charms or pets, or you can buy benefits for your account, like changing your username, or having your own shadow over your name.

Within time, more items will be available for you to customize your profile!

We only ask of a couple of things. Please do not try to buy an item without ensuring you have the required points first. This is essential unless we have special discounts or free item giveaways. Also, when you request something from the account benefit section, please be sure to specify what exactly you want. What username you would prefer it to be, or what color shadow would you like on your username, etc. Please have this information with your order.

Another thing, you may purchase for either you or another person if you'd like.

All you have to do, to purchase an item, is to either contact me directly or you can click on the dropdown at the bottom of each shop page and a textbox will pop up! Type in your message, including the items you would like, and hit the "purchase" button, and within time, you will receive your item and get the amount of points required, taken from your account.

If you'd like something to be offered, we are open to suggestions!
Feel free to refer back to the Coven's Corner Store sheet for more information about the shop and a little navigation tutorial!
Happy shopping!