Don't let them define you

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Don't let them define you Empty Don't let them define you

Post by PhoenixHeart on Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:25 pm

Always be yourself, and nobody else. Don't let others control your happiness. It makes you who you are. Don't let others control how you live, as it is what makes you happy, living the way you feel is right, living the way that makes you happy.
You need to learn to stand up for yourself and stand up for your life, standing your ground to others who make you feel less than yourself. Those who are putting you down and ruining your life. It puts stress on you and gives you anxiety that you don't want. It isn't healthy. Yes, we all make mistakes and deserve second chances. However, that could be a mistake on your part as well. If they need a second chance, they shouldn't have messed up in the first place, especially if they are controlling your emotions. I have given people second chances before and they blew it, and then they beg for more chances after that and I gave it to them because I fell under their control. More chance will lead to more mistakes. And those mistakes that they make, it will lead them to apologize again and asking for another chance, and following by them teasing you or harassing you or telling you that you are a mistake. You are wonderful just the way you are. You are worthy of living and worthy of everything. If they can't see that, then they need to look again or move on.

An original poem written by myself:

You are your own person. You are unique, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and a star.
Don't let others define who you are.
Like the stars, you shine tonight
Don't let them win this fight
Keep your head up and shine bright
You are the beauty with the strongest light
Please stay strong, and keep living your life to the fullest
they think you are weak, they are so clueless
Only you can be you
Let it be known that it is true
Keep being the 'you' that I recognize
Because this is the 'you' that will arise
Keep believing in who you are
Because to me, you are a star
Like the light, you shine so bright
Remember who you are, and everything will be alright
Goodnight XX

Don't let others define who you are. You are not a number on a scale. You are more than that. Keep being true to yourself.

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