Spirit Experiences?

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Spirit Experiences? Empty Spirit Experiences?

Post by PhoenixHeart on Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:30 am

I have recently, I think, experienced a couple of spirit experiences. This mainly happened at night, sometime before midnight. I was sitting on my bed, while on my computer and a couple times I thought I saw a shadow go past me. I turn and look where I thought I saw it and I didn't see anything. It was near where my door is.

Another time, just recently, I felt a cold breeze rush past me. The ceiling fan was on, however, it was just that one time that I felt the breeze rush over me. Usually when you feel something cold, it is a spirit because they are "dead" which would mean that their bodies would be cold and mainly unseen. I have seen shadows around my home when either nobody is home or when everybody is in bed and I am the only one up.

And there are several times when I feel like I am being watched either through a window or someone standing in the door way or in my room. It is really creepy but I doesn't bother me much.

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