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(not) Giving Voice to Spirits

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(not) Giving Voice to Spirits Empty (not) Giving Voice to Spirits

Post by Zotron Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:23 am

The term "devil's advocate" has its own usage. But it is a very real concept. The word "advocate" comes from the Latin word "advocare", which means "to give voice to". It is the same root as "vocal". We have all probably said things we regret  because of a spirit such as anger, pride, arrogance resentment, jealousy, etc.
Given the power of words, it is logical that the misuse of words can have unwanted results.
We know when a negative spirit is within our being by the way it makes us not feel "right".
A couple in an argument are in an endless negative feedback loop of competing spirits. Each side is letting the argument "get the best of him" and each side is seeing and hearing the worst from the other. I was recently in a situation where I knew a spirit was influencing my perspective of a situation. I knew that the best course was to withdraw from the situation rather than take a chance on hurting someone by saying the wrong thing. I learned the worst way how giving voice to a spirit can be forever regrettable. It was a spirit of inferiority. It wasn't spoken words, but still words. I meant only to express how I felt. But the actual words meant "OK, I'll go my way" or "It's over."
Though I didn't mean them that way, they were understood to mean that, and they caused terrible  pain to the other person and to myself to see the pain I caused.

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