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Aura Soulmate Spell Empty Aura Soulmate Spell

Post by StarDragon on Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:26 am

Close your eyes and as you breathe imagine a white light surrounding your body as your aura. Imagine this white light as a bubble surrounding your whole being, now imagine popping the bubble of white light and feeling the white light immerse itself in your body cleansing you. As you breathe and feel the white light cleanse your body, say " I am protected from negativity, positive energy surrounds me." Now imagine a pink light surrounding your heart filling it with love. Think about a memory that makes you feel happy as you imagine your heart filling with the pink light as you breathe in and out. Say "I am breathing in love energy. The love energy surrounds me bringing happiness and prosperity." Now imagine the pink light growing until it fills your entire body and intermingles with your aura and say "My aura is infused with love. I see love in my eyes. I am attracting my soulmate." Now imagine the pink light wrapping around the earth with love and say "My soulmate is coming home to me, the world around me is filled with love. I am peaceful and abundant. So let it be!"

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