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Post by PhoenixHeart on Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:08 am

An advanced and detailed spell for psychic protection. Best wishes!

A black candle
a red candle
a cauldron
mint leaves
protection incense
protection oil


Begin by taking a ritual bath before 24 hours the full moon at 12 am. After doing so, top off your cauldron with some water and mint. Bless and charge your candles and allow them to stay untouched on your altar until the evening of the full moon. LIght a white candle and meditate on the Goddess before bed. Blow out your white candle and wave the candle over the altar letting the smoke disappear over your altar, infusing it with the love of the Goddess. On the next night at the same time, do another cleansing. Light your protection incense and let the smoke touch everything you own. Let the incense burn and light the red and black candle with a wooden match. Do not use a lighter.

All the thoughts you send to me flow back to your three times three
Negative or positive your decision but your thoughts shan't penetrate my mind's eye
Do no harm I ask of thee, less you fear the power of three.
Goddess protection of your seeker

Now, take your oil and anoint your body. While doing this, visualize bright and blue-ish white energy surrounding you and becoming as hard as steel. When you have done this give thanks to the Goddess and no longer fear because you are now protected.
Sources: BestWicca

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