8 TIPS: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

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8 TIPS: Overcoming Negative Thoughts Empty 8 TIPS: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Post by PhoenixHeart on Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:41 am

Here are some ways that you can overcoming negativity in order to stay positive. Smile I hope they help!

1. Try to smile more. I understand that you may not want to sometimes. But, it is proven to reduce stress and it will make you feel better if you go to a mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, or maybe just the camera on your phone, and practice smiling. You will feel better shortly afterwards. If it helps at all, try watching a funny comedy or reading some comics or something.

2. Meditation or yoga practices will surely put you in a good relaxing mood and will help ease your mind of any stress or anxiety that you may have.

3. A way to help you stay positive is making a short, or long, list of things that makes you happy or that you are grateful for. It could be your friends, your favorite television show, maybe even your pets or your interests.

4. Surround yourself with those who are more positive than negative. Talk to people who won't feed negative thoughts into your mind, those who will take things into different perspectives.

5. Allow yourself to move forward. I know that we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. But, instead of focusing on the past, haunted by our mistakes, why don't we just learn from them instead? Learn from them. Don't let them take away your chance of happiness and starting over and learning from your mistakes. Just move forward.

6. Singing. This is another great stress reliever, and whether you are great at remembering lyrics or not, you can always sing something, even if it is just a tune. It will help you gain a more positive feeling.

7. Think in a more positive way. If you are moving into a new house, don't think how hard it may be relocate all your items and try to find a place for everything. Just think of it as a puzzle, or a challenge. Something that you WILL find a solution for.

8. Another great way to get a positive feeling is reading positive stories or quotes. You can look up some online or find a positive book to read. They will, and should help you, get into a better mood. If I may suggest something, there is an Inspirational Calendar on Amazon that you can buy. It has one inspirational quote for each day of the year, and it is reusable. It just has the month, and the day on it, no year. I have one in my room that I got for my birthday one year, and it is great. I flip it over every day(if I can remember) and read today's quotes that will help me move forward and get through the day.

I hope these tips help you gain some ideas on how to become more positive and less negative. Smile

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8 TIPS: Overcoming Negative Thoughts Empty Re: 8 TIPS: Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Post by Zotron on Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:40 am

OK, so I think this is the third time that I replied to your excellent post. I deleted the first two because I thought you would think they were too personal. Well, the post is about being positive, and how we feel. So if just reading your words makes me feel like giving you more praise than  anyone else ever will, so be it. I don't call you "Sweetheart" without a good reason. You put a piece of your heart into your writing, and your aim with this post was the happiness of others. Others may appreciate your work as much as I do, and may even express their appreciation better, but I can't hold back my appreciation for your thoughtfulness.
First of all, you started it with the little smiley face and and an excited exclamation mark. How much more positive could you be? Feelings are contagious, (to a certain degree) whether they are positive or negative.
1. There was a song (or just a saying), something like
"Smile and the world smiles with you.". A smile in public to a stranger may only mean "I recognize you as the unique individual that you are. I have never seen you and I may never see you again, but for this moment, I see you."
Your smile may be answered with an understanding smile, but don't be dismayed if it isn't. We don't know the circumstances of the individual's life, and a glance might tell you that you might save your smile.
For most of my life, "what I liked about me" was an inner smile. I couldn't feel any facial muscles that I thought were visible, but a good friend once told me that what he liked about me was that I always had a  "kind of smile". I like to think of it as a look of optimism. I didn't notice when it went away over the years as a result of *blames the world* setbacks, losses, bosses, ( OK, enough). However, I noticed when it started returning. Smile

2. Dwelling on stress or anxiety only prevents the mind from focusing on the real cause or a solution to whatever is causing the negative feelings. Relaxing the body and meditating on the underlying causes within ourselves can open our minds to inner solutions to seemingly outer causes for negative emotions. Sometimes we cause our own stress and blame others. It may just be a matter of a selfish perspective. For instance, my neighbors might be having a loud party, and I might think it intrudes on my peace. If I change my perspective (attitude), and think "They are just having fun and being happy", it makes me appreciate and somewhat share their happiness.

To be continued~

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