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The Blue Lady

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The Blue Lady Empty The Blue Lady

Post by Astral Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:03 pm

There is something known as the Blue Lady Nightmare. Of course it involves a woman, dressed in a long blue dress, who targets sleeping children and turns their dreams into nightmares. The nightmare commences when the lady paralysis the children with her bright blue eyes and scrapes her long blue nails against their forehead, thus the children waking up while screaming. This does not cause the children any harm or pain in the physical world. It just frightens them causing them to wake up in fear.

According to other sources, it is said, with evidence, that the children who end up having these nightmares continuously, end up vanishing without a trace as to how or why they disappeared.

There is a horrible story behind this lady which begins during World War One. During this time, archaeologists and soldiers began a hike that led to the findings of a tomb that belongs to Princess Beletsunu of Babylonian. She was very cruel and she wished to stay young and beautiful forever, just like many of us want. And judging by her dress and her title as the Blue Lady, she was obsessed with the color blue.

She was kidnapped and used as a slave while also being forced to marry several men. Years later after this event, she brutally killed all her husbands as a sacrifice. Shortly afterwards, she committed suicide by throwing herself off a cliff on the day of Halloween. Back then this holiday didn't exist.

As she was falling, she let on a curse upon anybody who didn't not bow down before her. She wanted everybody to pay for her failure. However, what she didn't know was that her body now invades the dreams of young children.

If you want to read more on the Blue Lady, here is the source.


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The Blue Lady Empty Re: The Blue Lady

Post by Zotron Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:38 am

That's pretty scary. It seems like in ancient times people were more tuned in or susceptible or whatever to the spirit world. You always hear stories about stuff like people finding tombs with warnings like "Any man who opens this tomb will suffer a curse. And his sons will be cursed and his sons' sons, and so on."

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