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Things We Saw But Didn't See

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Things We Saw But Didn't See Empty Things We Saw But Didn't See

Post by Zotron Fri Mar 05, 2021 3:51 pm

This is about watching cartoons as a child but not thinking about what I was seeing. Honestly, I don't remember cartoons being "funny". I don't remember laughing at them. They were just "pastime", not really entertainment.
A local tv station is now airing all the old classic cartoons. I had my tv on that station this morning and Daffy Duck was on for a while before I really noticed. I was busy with other things. Here is a trivia question. How many times did Elmer Fudd shoot at Daffy Duck? I counted about six shotgun blasts in about a minute plus various explosions. I remember Daffy duck saying something like "No harm done other than a minor concussion and a few broken bones."
When I turned it off (a bit too much noise for early a.m.) Elmer was lightning the fuse on a bundle of dynamite.
"That's entertainment"

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