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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
★We wish you all the best in upcoming year.

Chamomile Tea - Relaxation

descriptionChamomile Tea - Relaxation EmptyChamomile Tea - Relaxation by Astral

Chamomile has been around for many, many years dating back to its first use in 1550 BC which was used to help cure the sick. As a warning, it is a close relative to the Ragweed family which triggers allergies in most people who are sensitive to it. So, if allergic, please do not drink it or work with Chamomile.

Chamomile has many benefits including: Helping with menstrual pain, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, promoting digestive health, Cancer prevention, treating cold symptoms, and helps with relaxing and improving sleep! Also as a bonus, it is known to help those with depression since most depressing-like symptoms include not being able to sleep very well. Even though, according to, many studies have been reported to help people who needed to improve their sleep, more testing is needed before confirmation that Chamomile is responsible. However, if you are in need of better sleep and want to relax, I would recommend drinking any type of tea with Chamomile in it, and maybe some peppermint. Both are great for helping your relax and improve sleep quality!

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