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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
★We wish you all the best in upcoming year.

Simple Wish Spell

descriptionSimple Wish Spell EmptySimple Wish Spell by StarDragon

A white candle
An index card

1. Light the candle. Play some soft meditation music as you gaze into the candle flame clearing and calming your anxieties.
2. Take the index card and on the unlined side draw a pentacle.
3. On the other side write your wish.
4. Hold in your hands allowing the candlelight to dance upon it.
5. Visualize the steps you will take towards your wish.
6. Say "By the light of this candle burning bright, I see this wish manifest in my sights. My wish comes true following the things I do."
7. Imagine yourself filling with excitement as you hold the index card with your wish on it in anticipation of it coming true.
8. Blow out the candle and bury the index card trusting that the universe will guide you towards manifesting your wish.
9. "I trust my wish is coming to me, so mote it be."


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