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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
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Lesson 13: Rituals & Witchcraft

descriptionLesson 13: Rituals & Witchcraft EmptyLesson 13: Rituals & Witchcraft by Astral

Rituals are more than just the words you may mumble and the sentences you may chant. It is more than just "hocus pocus". When performing rituals, The point and objective are to conjure nature's energies in order to provide or achieve positive outcomes. Although, some witches have different objectives. There are bad witches and good witches. I am sure you can probably guess the difference between the two. If you consider these "bad" witches, they tend to wreak havoc on others for their own personal gain. They harm people and their properties for their own enjoyment. However, the "good" witches use their abilities to help, heal, and protect others including themselves.

Witchcraft can be seen as both an art (or craft) and a religion. As a side note, the "religion" part of witchcraft is known as Wicca. When used as a religion, worship is involved which sometimes requires the act of certain rituals for spiritual potential. Although, witchcraft is basically the practice of nature. You are connecting yourself to nature's energies and appreciating its beauty and benefits. Witchcraft is also an ancient practice that has been mostly practiced by women, instead of men, especially several years ago when women would stay at home and men would go to work and help make a living. The women would use witchcraft to attend to the sick or injured and they would unlock the secret of certain plants and herbs, especially the ones that have special healing benefits. And of course, we should all know that women would also become captured and burned at the stake due to people's superstition about witchcraft because they considered it to be "evil".
Moving forward, over the years, men have begun to take over the practice and study it themself for about the same purpose as women. Either to study the dark arts, study healing, elements, or whichever interests them the most and many of them, just like women, will perform rituals if they desire.

These rituals usually call for casting circles (possibly with salt), calling upon gods, goddesses, mother nature, mother goddess, or any higher power in order to ask for special required energies to assist with whatever you may ask of them. And then the circle may close and the ritual may end and you may achieve what you have asked during the process. If not, then it may be best to either be patient or try again later when you get more energy and more willpower, and determination.

Moving forward, most witches like to join groups called "covens" in witchcraft. Although, some prefer to work alone. There are many benefits to both scenarios. If you work alone, you can begin whenever you like and work at your own pace (since everyone is different). Although, working in groups is very beneficial because you can meet others, and learn from others, who have slightly more experience and it can be a good way for multiple people to gain what they desire whether it is good health, good fortune, friendship, opening chakras, etc.

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