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Cleansing Empty Cleansing

on Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:56 pm
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A quiet area
Complete focus
Candles (optional)

Candles are optional and have the intention of helping you focus. If you are using candles, place them in a circle around yourself. After doing this, meditate for a few moments in order to calm yourself and place yourself in a relaxing, calm, and peaceful state. If it helps, close your eyes and relax. Now, imagine that this peace and calming state is inside of you as certain energy that is spreading throughout your body, while cleaning out all the negativity, stress and dirt. Keep imagining this energy purifying you, ever part of you throughout your entire body. After a few moments, and when you ready, open your eyes. You should feel more at peace and cleanse. If you decided to use candles, blow out each and every one of the candles before you leave the circle.

This is something you may want to practice whenever you feel like negative energies have attracted to you. People often tend to leave some of their energies behind and they may still linger with you, causing certain impacts on your life. Do this as many times as you feel is needed.

Best wishes.
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