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Lesson 6: Chakra Blockage/Seeing Auras

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Lesson 6: Chakra Blockage/Seeing Auras Empty Lesson 6: Chakra Blockage/Seeing Auras

Post by Astral Thu Mar 04, 2021 5:05 pm

Aura blockage

What can cause an chakra to be blocked? Most importantly, what does it mean if it an chakra is blocked? Well, a blocked chakra is simply blocked, or in other words, low in energy or unbalanced, you will find it difficult to express the qualities that your chakra contains. However, when a chakra is overactive, you may experience some physical or emotional issues. If the chakra is under active, it may be determined as depression or or having self doubt (insecure). If a chakra is overpowered with energy, then it could appear as being courageous with the need of feeling more secure (which is the opposite of a chakra being under active).

Also, depending what chakra is out of balance and where that chakra is located, will determine what part of your body may have issues. This may also include emotional problems such as anger, sadness, fear, insecure, and others.
Some tips to get rid of a blockage in your chakra could include yoga practices, perhaps some breathing exercises and meditations to help the energy flow!

Reading Auras!

Lets switch gears to Auras. How can you see one? Here is a simple , but somewhat popular exercise that can be quite effective.

Ask a friend or a relative to stand a pretty good distance from you, perhaps 10 feet. Have them stand in front of a background that is either all black or white. Make sure the lighting of the room is natural. Not to bright or dull, just that perfect happy medium. Very Happy
Make sure you are staying relaxed through the whole exercise. If helps, take a few deep breathes before beginning.
Now, stare at the person's forehead (third eye). You don't have to "focus", just stand there, relaxed. Pretty soon you should be able to see some colors by just doing this.
Now, if you were to extend your left hand, maybe even your right, you may be able to feel the energy coming off that person. Keep practicing and it will get stronger overtime!

If you would like to practice this but seeing your own aura instead, then you can stand in front of the black or white background and then stand in front of a mirror and just repeat the process. It should work the same way!

Another way to read your own aura, is to just focus on your hand. It may take a minute or two for you to see it and perhaps after you practice more and more, it will become stronger and easier to read yours or someone else's aura energy! Pretty cool, right?


➣ Try the above exercise and discover your aura! It is okay if you do not get it the first time. Just keep practicing and don't stress! If you don't get it the first time, and you seem to struggle, take a break and come back when you are more calm and relaxed. 

Best wishes!
Blessed be!
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