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DIY Glitter Bottles

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DIY Glitter Bottles Empty DIY Glitter Bottles

Post by Astral Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:29 pm

DIY Glitter Bottles Image?

This DIY can help anyone with anxiety or stress or just simple calm down or get distracted. And it is very simple (and fun) to make.


➣ Water bottles or VOSS bottles 
➣ Clear(transparent) glue
➣ Water
➣ Food coloring of your choice

➣ 1. Fill your chosen bottle with water. Maybe not all the way to the top of the bottle, you need room for your glitter and glue. But this is a perfect way to experiement and try different color combinations and see what works best for you!
➣ 2. Add your food coloring(s). You can mix colors or just use one color. Experiment!
➣ 3. Add some glue. The more glue you use, the more slowly the glitter will move around. 
➣ 4. Add your glitter! And use as much as you want! The more the better!
➣ 5. Then, all you have to do is close the lid and shake it up a little and watch the glitter move around!

Hope you have fun making these! Many blessings!

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