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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
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January 10th ~ Vodoun Festival in Benin EmptyJanuary 10th ~ Vodoun Festival in Benin
byAstral Wed Feb 15, 2023 6:49 am

January 10th ~ Vodoun Festival in Benin

Every year on January 10th, the African Country of Benin celebrates the Vodoun Festival. It is also known as the Voodoo Festival. They are celebrating the Voodoo religion as they attempt to readapt the traditions of Voodoo and its religion. To celebrate, people will dance, drink gin, and sing.

The History

In 1933, the very first Vodoun Festival was held and celebrated in order to readapt the traditions of Voodoo. The President, name Nicéphore Dieudonné Soglo, was the one who declared this festival and he wanted to commemorate the value that the religions had and adapt the African spirituality for them worldwide. So, therefore, this holiday became annually, and officially, in 1998 on January 10th.


Country celebrating[//b]: BENIN
Celebrating activities: Dancing, singing, blessings by the Voodoo leader (Roi), music, and animal sacrifices.

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January 10th ~ Vodoun Festival in Benin Text4244

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